2019 is bringing a few changes that Howligans like you may want to know about.

We aren’t changing just for the sake of change. We have been doing the hard work of improving Howler’s long-term position and sustainability.

Here’s where we are taking things.

The quarterly (4 issues annually) subscription model has been struggle for Howler. You can blame last year’s interruption in the Howler publication calendar, some re-billing mistakes or just the depression caused by USMNT not qualifying.

Regardless, we are moving to an issue-by-issue subscription. We’ve tested this model extensively. It’s working great, and the fine folks that like Howler really like this model too.

How will it work?

When we have an issue ready to send out, we will run a charge for your single issue and send it out to you. Shipping is still included in the charge. Then we’ll do it again when we have another issue ready to go out.

We will not compromise our vision for this publication. We didn’t cut-down the oversized dimensions of the magazine (which makes shipping insane). And we didn’t go for cheap paper or ink, and the content will continue to live to the magazine’s legacy.

“Price increases are great!” — Nobody

Since 2012, the cover price of Howler has sat at $15 an issue. Unfortunately it needs to bump to $20. Sky-rocketing prices on printing, shipping and mailing make this a necessity of survival. You gotta do what you gotta do.

If you still are owed issues of Howler with your existing subscription, we’ll let you know, and you won’t need to do anything but wait for your magazine to arrive in late January.

One more thing to keep in mind.

In order to get the new issue (16), you’ll need to buy it directly from the Howler website. A few local soccer shops will carry this issue, but newsstands won’t.

I know this is a LONG, potentially boring, businessy post, but it’s important that you understand why we’ve made some of these decisions to keep Howler’s M.E.E. (Maximum Enjoyable Experience).

Thank you!


If you have questions, we’d be more than happy to help at [email protected]