Who did the better Cristiano Ronaldo impression: Mario Balotelli or a dog?


If Reese Witherspoon takes to the stage at next month’s Oscars, grasps her Best Actress gong and shouts “Siiiiii!” at the assembled audience members before peacing out, we will have the trend-setting ways of Cristiano Ronaldo to thank.

C-Ron’s unusual outburst isn’t just set to be copied by large-chinned actresses, however, it’s also being homaged by footballers and animals. Liverpool fans might have hoped Mario Balotelli would offer his best Ronaldo impression on the pitch, but instead, he’s done it on his Instagram feed. Not long after, the Italian’s effort was matched by that of a Spanish dog.


This raises a very big and very important question: who did it better?

There’s really not much between Mario and the mutt. Both have scored zero goals in the Premier League this season, both have a fundamental lack of understanding of the proper way to use a bathroom and both can do a mean Ronaldo impression.

So, who was better? Vote now!

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