All the madness of Aston Villa’s FA Cup quarterfinal pitch invasion

It’s been a while since Aston Villa had something to really celebrate. So, fully in the grips of Tim Sherwood Madness, Villa fans invaded the pitch after beating rivals West Brom for the second time in a week to book a trip to Wembley for the FA Cup semifinals.

Villa won 2–0 and as soon as the final whistle sounded, the home crowd stormed the pitch, releasing the tension of the season’s relegation fight in the process.

And this pitch invasion had everything. Like bald men wearing dildos on their heads.

And fans reportedly biting Fabian Delph, who scored Villa’s first goal of the match.

Perhaps anticipating the dildo wearing, player biting insanity that was about to unfold, one linesman summoned the speed of Usain Bolt in order to outrun the oncoming fans like he was trying to outrun the twister from the 1996 film Twister.

And somewhere high above the Earth, Tim Sherwood’s ego completely fills in the hole in the ozone layer, saving us all just as he is saving Aston Villa. Meanwhile, that linesman is probably still running.