Wayne Rooney retires boxing celebration because his son mimicked it at school


Wayne Rooney provided the season’s most talked about goal celebration when he re-enacted getting knocked down by Phil Bardsley in his kitchen after scoring against Spurs. Now the Man United and England captain says he won’t be throwing anymore celebratory punches on the pitch since it’s proved a bad influence on his oldest son, five-year-old Kai.

From the Independent:

“It’s funny, actually. My wife went to pick up my lad from school and saw him doing that in the classroom. I’m sure you won’t be seeing that [from me] again.”

He is still adamant that the final frame of the video, as he lay prone with his head between the legs of a bar stool, was not the end of the story and that Bardsley’s left cross had not knocked him out.

“To be honest, it wasn’t a big issue with me,” he said. “I saw a few of you guys speaking on the matter. For me, it wasn’t a big issue. I was in my house with some friends. Obviously, I was caught on the wrong end of a punch, but I wasn’t knocked out like it was reported. Unfortunately, the video stopped there…”

Suddenly concerned that his son might copy the things he does, Rooney went on to announce that he will now do the exact opposite of everything he has ever done before.


“Parents who dive have children who dive…”