Cristiano Ronaldo hints at starting a farm supply business with Carlo Ancelotti

Since Carlo Ancelotti delivered Real Madrid’s long awaited 10th Champions League title last season instead of this season, club president Florentino Perez is reportedly itching to sack him now. So after Real Madrid’s final match of the season — a 7–3 win against Getafe that left them just two points shy of Barcelona’s tremendous title winning campaign — Ancelotti revealed his feelings on the matter.


“My future is clear in my head,” Ancelotti said. “Either I stay here at Real Madrid, or I stop for one year.”

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo — who notched a hat trick to finish as La Liga’s top scorer with 48 goals (and a personal best 61 across all competitions) — tweeted his own position on Ancelotti.

“Great coach and amazing person,” Ronaldo wrote. “Hope we work together next season.”

Given the extreme likelihood of Real Madrid taking impulsive action and Ancelotti’s comment about stepping away from coaching for a year should he lose his job, Ronaldo’s tweet was clearly a statement of intent to start a farm related enterprise with the Italian in the near future. It will probably be called C+C Farming Factory.

Obviously, Twitter’s 140 character limit prevented Ronaldo from sharing all the details of their planned venture, but there’s no mistaking his intent. “Next season” is, of course, a reference to the agricultural cycle and since they won’t be working together at Real Madrid, they must be starting a farm supply business together. And C+C Farming Factory is the only logical company name since it incorporates both of their initials and a pun based on the name of an American dance-pop/hip-hop group popular in the early 1990s. It’s all right there.

Even though these facts seem to have gone over the heads of large media outlets usually eager to jump to their own conclusions, we here at DT wish Carlo and Cristiano good luck in their new project.