The very best images from the 2015 FA Cup final

Arsenal won their second consecutive and record 12th FA Cup, beating Aston Villa 4–0 in what amounted to a relaxing Saturday stroll. These are the very best images from the Gunners’ historic day…

Gunnersaurus and Aston Villa’s mascot after having sex in the Wembley bathroom.


Arsene Wenger thinking about Jose Mourinho calling him a “specialist in failure.”

Aston Villa fan and FA chairman Prince William greets His Royal Highness Timothy Sherwood.

When Per Mertesacker is scoring, you know things have gotten out of hand.

That look when you remember that Sepp Blatter was re-elected FIFA president.

That look when you’ve got ribbons tied to your nipples.

A furious Prince William tries to break Mikel Arteta’s hand.

Arsenal players are still so not used to winning trophies that they think the FA Cup is food.

Damnit, Aaron Ramsey. You won it fair and square. You don’t have to try and steal it!

Olivier Giroud freaking loves piggyback rides.

Santi Cazorla with a bit too much firepower for the celebratory selfie.

Jack Wilshere trying to see inside the magical world where the champagne comes from.

Gang signs, post-match buffet and crap beer. Delicious.

Finally, the cup ends up in the hands of a true champion.