DTotD: Chile’s Gonzalo Jara gets Edinson Cavani sent off with a bad touch

Chile beat defending Copa America champions Uruguay 1–0 in an expectedly feisty quarterfinal match. With Luis Suarez unavailable to lead everyone down the path of anarchy, the responsibility fell to everyone else. And in the 62nd minute, Edinson Cavani was shown a second yellow for slapping Chile’s Gonzalo Jara in the face.

But what the referee and the initial camera angle didn’t catch was where Jara’s hand was before Cavani slapped him…

With Uruguay down to 10 angry men, Mauricio Isla put Chile up 1–0 in the 81st minute. Uruguay were then finished off when Jorge Fucile was booked a second time, reducing them to nine men for the final minutes.

The combination of losing and surprise butt stuff was too much for Uruguay to handle. And it didn’t take long for fans of the eliminated side to lash out in the way that modern fans lash out — with Wikipedia edits…


This isn’t the first time Jara has employed such “tactics” against Uruguay, though. During a World Cup qualifier two years ago, Jara grabbed Luis Suarez’s crotch, prompting Suarez to punch him.

The next time Uruguay face Chile, they might want to wear chastity belts.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.