Santi Cazorla reveals that Nacho Monreal is Arsenal’s new Nicklas Bendtner

When Nicklas Bendtner finally left Arsenal last year, it left a void in the club. Who would the other players make fun of? We now know the answer is Nacho Monreal.

Santi Cazorla played a game of best/worst for the club’s YouTube channel and named Monreal the owner of the worst car, the worst dancer, and the worst dresser.

Cazorla’s comments are reminiscent of Andrei Arshavin’s on Bendtner. Arshavin even gave Bendtner the same “worst dressed” tag that Cazorla gave to Monreal.

And who can forget his email jibe.

So Cazorla and Monreal are basically the new Arshavin and Bendtner. All is right with the world.