Bayern Munich’s 2015 Oktoberfest extravaganza in pictures

It’s that time again. Time for Bayern Munich to take a break from being the embodiment of their opponents’ worst nightmares, put on some leather shorts and drink a bunch of beer. These are the best images from their boozy excursion…

Wait. We’re letting Arturo Vidal take part? The same Arturo Vidal who drunkenly crashed his Ferrari during Copa America? Are we sure this is a good idea? Can someone please take away his car keys?

And Pep’s already drunk.

OK, let’s, uh, let’s maybe switch Arturo to some traditional Bavarian water now. Hey, can someone get Arturo a water?

The heart cookie that Robert Lewandowski is holding translates to “Help! I can’t stop scoring goals and I’m starting to get worried. It’s a bit like having an erection for more than four hours.”

Xabi Alonso and his wife shortly before they were arrested for being too attractive.

Douglas Costa — the Frank Sinatra of Oktoberfest 2015 — uses a pretzel as a steering wheel.

So drunk.

“Heyyy, it’s a balloon. Hi, balloon. Hi. Don’t be shy, balloon. Will you be my friend?”

“With my two special ladies. My wife and my balloon.”

And finally, an obligatory shot of Thomas Müller smiling like a maniac.