Pow! Right in the Kisser!

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

How else would one be able to entertain oneself at a Slovakian amateur football match. Club TJ Tatran Cjierny: “oohh look at the pretty train!” [source: 101greatgoals]

It’s not everyday that real life imitates Mortal Kombat, as Shanghai Shenhua outfielder Xiong Fei found out when teammate Li Jianbin sent his cleat into Xiong’s lower jaw. [source: DirtyTackle]

In other news, Greek side AE Larissa will be posting in the classifieds for a new stretcher-bearer. [source: youtube]

Chuba Akpom floored the ref — with his knees, not skills. [source: Hull Tigers]

Santamarina de Tandil (that’s in Argentina’s B-Division) striker Fernando Telechea showed why he’s won’t be getting called to the top tier anytime soon. [source: Futbol para todos]

We at the Howler team dabble in schadenfreude from time to time. See Manuel Neuer’s colossal misjudgment against the Gunners. [source: David Rudin/Howler]