Wayne Rooney slaps WWE wrestler Wade Barrett during Raw

Wayne Rooney was in attendance for the WWE’s Monday Night Raw show in Manchester and he ended up playing a role in the match between Cesaro and Sheamus, while continuing his “fued” with Preston born wrestler Wade Barrett.

But first, the backstory. Rooney went after Barrett on Twitter back in February after Barrett called him out for diving in a match against Preston North End, telling the five-time Intercontinental champion that he would get Stone Cold Steve Austin out of retirement to fight him. Barrett then proposed a tag-team fight pitting the two of them against him and former Preston North End striker Kevin Davies at Wrestlemania.

Sadly, this never happened, but Barrett didn’t forget the challenge, so with Rooney sitting in the front row on Monday night with his sons, Barrett called him out.

“You know Wayne,” Barrett said from inside the ring. “I would offer to have to step inside this ring so we could fight this out like men. (dramatic pause) I would offer, but I would hate for your little boy to sit there and watch his own father fail. Because lets face it, he gets to experience that every single time you step on a football pitch.”


So then the match began with Barrett not officially taking part, but in Sheamus’ corner (at 3:10 into the video above Cesaro high-fives Rooney to show that they’re friendlies). Sheamus then confronted Rooney before getting back in the ring to finish off his opponent while Barrett went toe to toe with his footballer nemesis. Rooney then slapped Barrett, sending the behemoth down to the ground like a footballer looking for a red card, which distracted Sheamus and allowed Cesaro to win.

Later, Barrett was interviewed backstage, where he threatened, “Tomorrow, I’m going to be at his home, Old Trafford, and I’m going to settle this once and for all.” Apparently he’s unaware of the current international break.


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