Zlatan Ibrahimovic helped a group of police officers take a selfie with him


As the Swedish national team arrived back at their hotel after Zlatan Ibrahimovic claimed their place in Euro 2016 and retired all of Denmark, one of the police officers stationed outside the door decided that vigilance and professionalism are nowhere near as important as getting a selfie with Zlatan. A decision all of us can agree is the correct one.

So he asked. And being the generous deity that he is, Zlatan stopped and leaned in for the photo while the three officers there eagerly huddled together to get in the shot. Seeing this happening without her, another officer came running over to squeeze in.

Now with five people trying to fit in the frame, the officer holding the phone couldn’t hold it far enough away to make it work. Seeing his mortal struggle, Zlatan then took the phone and used his longer, more powerful arm to get the job done.

Praise Zlatan and his infinite generosity.