CSKA Sofia fans do timely Darth Vader/Storm Troopers “Ultra Wars” tifo display

Surely a world first? Star Wars #Tifo in Bulgaria at #CSKASofia https://t.co/bm9PW8eYxN

— Copa90 (@Copa90) December 10, 2015

With the release of the new Star Wars film days away, CSKA Sofia fans put together a topical tifo display for their Bulgarian Cup quarterfinal against Sozopol. But instead of depicting themselves as the good guys, they opted to pull out Storm Trooper masks and a giant Darth Vader banner.

The choreography was rather detailed too. At first, a large banner beneath the stand read “Star Wars” before changing to “Ultra Wars” as a CSKA scarf was put around Vader’s neck as the flares and black and red smoke came out.


Let’s see you top this, JJ Abrams.