Barnsley fan brought hamster to match, upsetting National Hamster Council

A Barnsley fan decided to bring his pet hamster to a League One match at Walsall, delighting fellow supporters and angering animal protection groups. The hamster, named Hector, sat in his owner’s hood while others sang about this fact.

Both the RSPCA and the National Hamster Council, which is apparently a real thing, denounced the act of bringing hamsters to football matches, though.

From the Independent:

Rosie Ray, a spokesperson for the National Hamster Council, said she was also concerned for the rodent.

“The person involved was clearly not demonstrating his duty of care towards the hamster,” she said.

“A noisy football league match is no place for any pet and this hamster didn’t appear to be safely restrained in the hoodie. He could have fallen out at any time and been lost, stolen or trodden on. I hope he won’t be doing it again.”

Barnsley won the match 3–1, so fans of the club might hope that Hector the good luck hamster keeps attending.