Jason Cummings learns why the Panenka is risky

By Sam

Photo via Sky Sports

Jason Cummings missed Panenka

Thanks to Hibernian’s Jason Cummings, we finally get to see what happens when someone misses a Panenka penalty. [source: streamable]

Speaking of Panenkas, have you heard the new Howler Radio special about the penalty’s origins and legacy?

Dele Alli Tottenham Hotspur

Maybe it’s unfair of us to critique Dele Alli for his performance over the weekend, but he did clunk-up an open goal finish. [source: streamable]

Patrick Roberts Celtic

Patrick Roberts, on loan at Celtic from Manchester City, isn’t really making his case for being recalled to his parent club’s first team anytime soon. [source: streamable]

Andrea Consigli, the goalkeeper at Sassuolo, makes the rest of us feel better about our soccer-ing inadequacies. [source: streamable]

Neymar Canelo dive

Neymar was one-upped by João Canelo at his own game: diving. [source: streamable]