Zlatan Ibrahimovic once put Rino Gattuso in a bin, says Thiago Silva


There have been many stories of Zlatan Ibrahimovic playfully abusing his teammates over the years, but what sets Thiago Silva’s latest tale apart is that the victim is Rino Gattuso, another man known for his ferocity, albeit of the more compact variety.

Silva told his story from the trio’s tim together at Milan to Sky Deutschland. From Football365:

“The protagonist of this story is Zlatan Ibrahimovic,” Brazil international Silva said.

“One day, during a training session, Gattuso spent all morning teasing Zlatan. He was provoking him, and Zlatan took it without apparently saying anything. In fact his revenge would come soon after.

“Rino and Zlatan met again in the dressing room after training, and Ibra lifted the entire weight of his team-mate, flipped him over and threw him in the bin!

“It was crazy, we all started laughing thinking about Gattuso’s face. I swear, I couldn’t stop laughing for a week!”

Putting Rino Gattuso in a bin is like putting a mountain lion in a bin. It’s just not a good idea. And yet, Zlatan got away with it. This probably wouldn’t have worked out as well if he tried it with Oguchi Onyewu, though.