Zlatan breaks PSG scoring record in his final ZLigue 1 match, backs up his self-praise


On Friday, Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirmed reports that this is his final season with PSG with a brief yet typically Zlatan post on his social media accounts.

A bold claim from a man who is beloved for making bold claims. But if anyone doubted that progression, Zlatan offered one last reminder of the truth in that statement by scoring twice against Nantes to claim the Ligue 1 single-season scoring record in his final match. Zlatan entered the match with 36 goals on the season — one behind Carlos Bianchi’s PSG record, which has stood since 1978.

In the 17th minute, Zlatan opened the scoring and matched Bianchi’s record and in the 89th minute, he closed the scoring and surpassed it (reminder: he’s 34 years old). And that, my friends, is how you live up to your tweets. And, it turns out, the shirts your children wear to greet you when you come off the pitch.

Zlatan leaves PSG having won the league in each of his four seasons (to put that in perspective, PSG had only won Ligue 1 twice in their 41-year history before he arrived) and having scored more goals than anyone else in the club’s history (154 in 179 matches). He’ll have a chance to lift the Coupe de France for the second time in his final match with the club next week.

Though the Champions League title continues to elude him, he almost single handedly brought international relevance back to Ligue 1 and deserves all the praise he heaps upon himself. Zlegend.