Look at this giant Cristiano Ronaldo blanket


You’re likely unable to forget when Cristiano Ronaldo announced his new line of blankets while presumably nude underneath one of them a couple months ago. Well, Elite Team sent me one and it is absolutely massive.

The blanket reads “CR7 CRISTIANORONALDO” on one side and has a silhouette of Cristiano’s free kick pose on the other. It almost completely covers a king-size bed and it’s definitely something you would want to have on display in your home if you are Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s quite warm, so you’ll never have to wear a shirt again when you have it handy and, again, it’s so big that Lionel Messi would almost certainly get lost underneath it.

Accompanying the giant blanket was a letter from Cristiano assuring me of his high standards and revealing that he sleeps in his Cristiano Ronaldo blanket “every night.”


If this is something you know you have to have, you can purchase an enormous Cristiano Ronaldo blanket here.