J.J. Watt: 7 things to know about Kealia Ohai’s boyfriend

By a margin even larger than J.J. Watt, this is the best kit in Houston sports.

This week, the Houston Chronicle published an article entitled “Kealia Ohai: 13 things to know about J.J. Watt’s new girlfriend.” This raised a lot of questions here in Howler Towers. In fact, the only question it didn’t raise was “who is Kealia Ohai?” We know the answer to that question: She’s a forward for the U.S. women’s national team and Houston Dash who scored the fastest debut goal in national team history and won the under-twenty World Cup.


But that still left plenty of questions unanswered. Namely, who on earth is this dude dating one of American soccer’s most promising prospects?

1. His mother is an accomplished businesswoman

Before co-founding the J.J. Watt foundation and working as its vice president, Connie Watt spent 23 years working for Independent Inspections, Ltd.

2. He plays defense for a team called the Houston Texans of the National Football League

Watt has recorded 74.5 career “sacks,” which is what it’s called when you hug the quarterback before he can throw the ball.

3. He has a cabin in Wisconsin

By all accounts, it is a “no-frills” cabin in the woods.


4. He has his own endorsement deals

Though it’s unclear how Watt’s commercial ventures compare to Ohai’s deal with Puma, he has is own shoe line with Reebok.


5. His brothers is also a professional athlete

Derek Watt is a fullback for the San Diego Chargers. Another team in the NFL.

6. He is kind of a ham on Instagram

From workouts with the Texans to time with his family, J.J. Watt shares some of his best moments on Instagram.


7. He is an adult man

J.J. Watt is 27. Kealia Ohai is 24. In other words, two adults are dating. Yes, we know, it’s shocking.