Sparta Prague players to train with women’s team after making sexist comments

Sexist comments about a lineswoman have resulted in two Sparta Prague players spending a few days training with the club’s women’s team.

Assistant referee Lucie Ratajova ruled failed to rule Brno’s Alois Hycka offside before he scored a stoppage-time equalizer in Sunday’s 3–3 draw. Angered by the lack of a call, Sparta goalkeeper Tomas Koubek said “women belong at the stove” and “should not officiate men’s football.” Injured midfielder Lukas Vacha tweeted a photo of Ratajova along with the phrase “the cooker.”

This has prompted the club to take creative action against their players. From Sky Sports:

Sparta’s director general Adam Kotalik said: “The players will spend several days with the club’s female side so that they can be made aware that women have plenty of worth outside the kitchen.”

“We are looking forward to the boys training with us,” said Sparta women’s team captain Iva Mocova. Presumably because her squad plans to teach Koubek and Vacha a lesson with a few hearty challenges.

Koubek has apologized “to all women” for his comments, posting a photo of his wife and baby daughter on Facebook as some sort of misguided “see! I like women!” message.

Vacha, meanwhile, has clarified that his comment “was directed to a specific error which affected the outcome of the game, not for any other women.” But that doesn’t really help.

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