English amateur club unveils sausage kit

The latest in food themed kit atrocities

(Bedale Sports Club via Wes Burdine)

We here at Dirty Tackle have prided ourselves on keeping you abreast of the latest developments in questionable food themed kit fashions. To recap, we have seen strawberry, blueberry, broccoli, octopus, beer, and ham kits from various lower division clubs across Spain to this point. But now this phenomenon has reached British shores with Bedale AFC’s sausage kit.

Why would an amateur club agree to wear a kit covered in sausages? Well, Bedale recently signed a partnership with local sausage manufacturer Heck Food (watch out, Abe Froman), so if having the word “HECK” printed across their shirts didn’t convey quality in the art of tube-shaped animal bits, the sausage blizzard design certainly will.

In addition to the shirt sponsorship, Bedale’s ground has been renamed Heck Stadium and we can only hope they are working on a sign reading “Welcome to Heck” that will put Galatasaray’s intimidation efforts to shame.

While Bedale’s sausage fest kit is impressive, it still can’t top CD Guijuelo’s ham kit.