Child mascot dab-fakes opposing goalkeeeper’s handshake attempt

Further proof that children are merciless

Before Heidenheim’s 2. Bundesliga match at Hannover 96, goalkeeper Kevin Müller sweetly went to high five the outstretched hand of a Hannover mascot. What he did not know was that he was blindly wandering into a trap devised by the vicious mind of a child.

As Müller swung his arm for the friendly greeting, the child pulled back and dabbed as Müller felt the breeze against his gloved palm. Müller smiled, because he had to, and turned away, presumably vowing to never trust the good nature of a child again.

This is just the latest example in a long history of child mascots showing professional footballers who’s boss. In 2013, a Spurs mascot laid waste to Luis Suarez, then with Liverpool, in the pre-match handshake line.

And then there’s the original master. I’m not sure Steven Gerrard ever recovered from this.