Player talks referee out of awarding him a penalty in German amateur league

Honesty is the best policy—even when you’re down 2–0

When down 2–0, many footballers would murder Santa Claus for a penalty. But Toni Munoz of German amateur side FC Bocholt has proven himself to be more interested in fair play than sparking a comeback.

After going down in the box when a defender made a blatant attempt to trip him, Munoz was awarded a penalty. The SF Baumberg players vigorously protested the decision, surrounding the ref as Muno casually strolled over and approached the official himself. He pulled the ref aside and shook his head no, apparently arguing that there was no contact and there shouldn’t be a spot kick.

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Impressed with this selfless display, the Baumberg players embraced and applauded Munoz. Some high fives were attempted, but Munoz apparently draws the line at high-fiving opponents when he helps protect their lead.

Baumberg went on to win 3–1, perhaps saving Munoz from getting some abuse back in the dressing room.