Gladbach’s Jonas Hofmann admits he wasn’t fouled when ref tries to blame Thiago

An admirable show of fair play in the Bundesliga

Borussia Monchengladbach’s Jonas Hofmann appeared to be the victim of a late tackle perpetrated by Bayern Munich’s Thiago on Sunday. Despite Thiago’s impassioned defense, the referee still blamed him for Hofmann going to ground until he asked the 24-year-old midfielder what happened. Hofmann then admitted that Thiago didn’t touch him.

The ref, Thiago, and even Javi Martinez shook Hofmann’s hand out of respect for his honesty. Thomas Müller gave him a thumbs up. Bayern went on to win 1–0, but Hofmann’s rare display of maturity, especially for a relatively young player like him, will hopefully set an example others will follow.