Everton’s Tom Davies gets driven to training by his mother every day

And no, it’s not because he’s had his license revoked

Tom waiting for his ride home (Everton FC)

Still just 18 years old, midfielder Tom Davies is establishing himself as a regular in Everton’s squad. He scored the first goal of his young career in January, helping him earn the PFA Fan’s Premier League Player of the Month award. And yet, his mother still drives him to training each day.

Davies discussed this fact with Tubes from Sky Sports. As would be expected from a group of grown men who drive cars worth more than most people’s houses, his teammates apparently rib him about this fact, but Davies is unfazed by it.

“I don’t see nothing wrong with it,” he says with a smile.

Remember this when he’s starting for England in a couple years and parking his camouflage-print Bugatti on the steps of a nightclub.