Messi bleeds, Neymar cries, and Juventus prove their superiority over Barcelona

It wasn’t quite revenge for the 2015 Champions League final, but it was impressive

After losing the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal against Juventus 3–0, Barcelona needed to repeat their dramatic comeback against PSG in the previous round. “If we score the first goal, the second will be scored by the Nou Camp and the third will come by itself,” said Barca manager Luis Enrique before the match. “Our objective is to score five goals."

Instead, they scored exactly zero goals. Juventus didn’t score, either, but they didn’t need to. Leo Messi landed on his head during the first half, opening up a cut on his cheek that made it look like he was crying blood, and that summed up his night.

And after the final whistle, Neymar cried actual tears, prompting former teammate Dani Alves to console him.

Maybe Barcelona used up all their magic in the previous round, but this was a performance very unlike them. They had 19 shots, but only one on target in the second leg. They were wasteful in front of goal, which is the one thing you absolutely cannot be when facing the likes of Gigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, and Leonardo Bonucci. But saying that shouldn’t take away from Juve’s performance over the two legs. They jumped out in front by a healthy margin, then prevented themselves from repeating what happened to PSG.

Juve are a formidable side that are definitely capable of lifting the cup at the end of this. That is, of course, if Gonzalo Higuain doesn’t ruin it for them, as he has ruined so many cup finals before. Perhaps Messi would’ve warned them of this had they not dropped him on his head.