The company behind every “Wenger Out” sign

“Wenger Out” signs are everywhere these days and one company is behind them all

An unoriginal man and his sign

The Wenger Out Sign Company has turned the dissatisfaction with the Arsenal manager’s job performance into an international business. Founded by Dan Dublinsky—a man who has never watched an Arsenal match in his life—in Caldwell, Idaho, the company sells signs made to look like they were hastily scrawled by a disinterested child to people all over the world who are desperate to feel one with the delicious power of memes.

Currently valued at $3 billion and preparing an IPO for the New York Stock Exchange, the Wenger Out Sign Company is profiting from Arsenal’s ongoing reluctance to make a decision about Wenger’s future.

Here’s the ad the Wenger Out Sign Company produced to air during the Champions League final this year:

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