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Describe the words, pictures (moving or otherwise), art or whatever else you think would be right for Howler. 

If you’re a writer or artist who would just like to reach out and tell us about yourself, that’s cool too.

A few thoughts: Poems, no; fiction, maybe; interviews are fun. If you wish to break down Chelsea’s tactical approach to the run-in, that’s not really us. Ruminations on other teams’ supporter groups who are “doing it wrong”: Not our thing, per se. Are you upset that some people call it “soccer”? That’s ok, but not for us. Really, our “Submissions Guidelines,” such as they are, boil down to anything that feels like it belongs at the “Home of America’s Best Soccer Stories.”

As for pay, prepare to be overwhelmed by the modesty of our offer. We mostly pay just so we can live with ourselves—what we have won’t get you far. Just so you know.

What you’re looking at is a quixotic labor of love, a little like the time you put into supporting whichever club is presently paving your road to disappointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.