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Yes. We been laying low for a while.

It’s been an unusual time. Maybe you’ve reached out and maybe we haven’t reached back. Well, we’re excited to give Howler new life and we’re excited to hear from you.



If you have an idea for a story, let us know. If you’ve already written something you think would be right for us, send it over and we’ll respond in a timely fashion. If we can publish it, you’ll be surprised at how little we pay—but we’ll try and make it worth your while. We have no guidelines regarding word count or how tangential your story’s connection to soccer has to be. While we’re inclined toward what you might call the traditional essay, we’ve published poems, interviews, reviews, reminisces and book excerpts. We like pieces with grand historic sweep, but we also like descriptions of what happened on a single perfect day. (We actually only published one poem, but it was really good.)
Or if you just want to say hi, that would be great. If you’re coming to Portland and would like to buy us a beer, sure, we’re into that.