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Pepe’s antics are getting quite tiresome.

June 3, 2016

By Sam

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Daniel Alaba

Miscommunication in the back-line saw Swiss defender Daniel Alaba gift Malta what is almost certainly its only goal against a top European team in the near and distant future. [source: streamable]

Christian Benteke Belgium miss

Even Christian Benteke is not immune to total screw-ups in front of net, blowing this chance against Finland. [source: streamable]

Marc-André ter Stegen howler

Marc-André ter Stegen isn’t making his case for the national team starting spot, letting a simple shot on target trickle through his legs. [source: streamable]

Pepe Champions League First clip

What we would pay to get into the bizarre decision-making mind of Pepe. On a light challenge from Filipe Luis in the Champions League final, he dropped like a sack of bricks. [source: streamable]

Pepe Champions League final two

Immediately after, he did this. People can see you, Pepe, ya idiot. [source: streamable]

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