Defiant chain restaurant enters promotion-relegation Twitter debate

By Phil West

If you’re part of the Soccer Twitter community, it’s likely you’ve run across (or even had an online run-in with) Ted Westervelt, the spirited, Denver-based soccer fan who has become one of the United States’ highest-profile proponents for promotion and relegation in American soccer (and was well on his way to being that when Howler profiled him a little over a year ago).

Today, Westervelt sent this shot across the bow of MLS:

Lo and behold, Applebee’s took notice, and rather than ignoring a tweet that was clearly using Applebee’s as metaphor, they went all in:

And then Soccer Twitter started perking up:

Then Applebee’s doubled down by trying to make the #TedCard hashtag happen. And lo and behold:

And finally, around dinner time:

It was, indeed, a banner day for Soccer Twitter, and for an enterprising member of the Applebee’s social media team who may or may not have a job offer from MLS come Monday: