Neymar and Coutinho take out Barcelona frustrations on Brazil mascot

Helpless mascot punished for Barcelona’s failings


Two of the summer’s most dramatic transfer sagas were Neymar’s hostile departure from Barcelona and Coutinho’s unfulfilled wish to join Barcelona. Both situations were highly emotional for the players involved, so when they met up for international duty as the transfer window shut, they felt the need to release some of their pent-up aggression. The target for this release: Brazil mascot Canarinho.

While the squad milled around the pitch ahead of their World Cup qualifier against Colombia, Neymar got down on his hands and knees behind poor Canarinho and Coutinho shoved the bird person over the €222 million stumbling block.

Once Canarinho got back up, both Neymar and Coutinho shook his hand (wing?) as if to say, “We really wanted to do that to Josep Bartomeu, but thanks for letting us do it to you instead.”

Hopefully this act helped relieve the “very great sadness” Coutinho is currently living in, according to Neymar.

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