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Neymar treats Toulouse defenders like children to put PSG up four in stoppage time

August 20, 2017

BREAKING: Neymar is a lot better than most people in Ligue 1


Neymar made his debut at the Parc des Princes and it went the way just about everyone expected Neymar playing in Ligue 1 to go: Like playing FIFA 17 on amateur skill level. He dazzled the crowd with an array of tricks and moves usually reserved for charity matches, but his second goal of the night, which came in stoppage time with PSG already up 5-2 demonstrated just how superior he was to his competition.

The first word that comes to mind after watching that is “outmatched.” But Toulouse aren’t some newly promoted club. They finished mid-table last season. They gave Monaco a scare to start this season, losing 3-2, and beat Montpellier last week. And Neymar made them look like uncoordinated children.

With three goals and three assists in his first two matches in Ligue 1, Neymar’s experience in France so far is reminiscent of that instructional video with Michael Owen banging in goals against a kid goalkeeper and celebrating like he was doing it against Jens Lehmann, prompting Neville Southall to retort, “Well done, he’s 13.”

So, in the words of Neville Southall: Well done, Neymar. They might as well be 13.

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