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In Scotland, even pundits and managers are susceptible to vicious tackles

This kid is the next Joey Barton

18-year-old referee sucker punched for calling a penalty

Adrian kicks Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the knee, Zlatan gets his revenge with goals

David Luiz tackles unsuspecting Chelsea TV reporter

Rochdale player gets one of the longest bans in Football League history for elbowing opponent

Argentine footballer arrested for kicking fan

DTotD: Goalkeeper banned four years for viciously kicking opponent in the head

DTotD: Brazilian defender sent off for kicking opponent in the face

DTotD: Burkina Faso player punches opponent in the face

DTotD: Neymar gets tackled by pitch invaders during Brazil training session

DTotD: Gervinho is stomping on people in the Chinese Super League

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