Young Huddersfield fan finds £5 note in stadium, sends it to player who scored against Man United

Bringing new meaning to the term “goal bonus”

(Huddersfield Town)

Huddersfield stunned Man United by beating them 2-1 last weekend, thanks in part to Aaron Mooy’s opening goal in the 28th minute. A young fan named Adam was in attendance and happened to find a £5 note at Kirklees Stadium, which he decided to send to the club’s commercial director in the hopes that it would reach Mooy as a reward for his fine performance.

The letter reads:

Dear Sean,

I was at the Huddersfield against Manchester United match. I found a £5 note at the stadium and gave it to dad because we can not keep what is not ours. Can you please ask Mr. Wagner if Aaron Mooy can keep the money because he played very well and scored yesterday. I have put the £5 note in the envelope.

Thank you.

Adam Bhana

First, it’s adorable that Adam thinks the decision on whether Mooy can have the money should be left up to Huddersfield manager David Wagner. Second, if we can’t keep what isn’t ours, should that money really go to Mooy? Even if he scored 100 goals, it’s still not his. Third: Laurent Depoitre also scored for Huddersfield in this match, so shouldn’t he get a piece of that fiver, too?

Mooy has expressed his desire to meet Adam. Presumably to get some answers to the many questions his letter raises.

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