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A note about Howler

May 16, 2018


I am writing today with sad but also good news.

First, the sad news: I am leaving Howler. This is sad mostly just for me, because I’m finding it a little bit painful to step away from this thing that I built and that I love.

And now the good news: Howler will continue under the leadership of a new editor and owner. This is wonderful for everyone who values the magazine and the little niche we’ve carved out in the culture of American soccer.

There are so many people who have helped Howler in the six years since we published our first issue. There were so many times when Howler might not have made it without that help. Thank you.

Dennie Wendt and Aaron James, who live in Portland, Oregon, are taking over as co-owners. Dennie wrote a brilliant comic novel about soccer in the 1970s, set here in the U.S. (We ran an excerpt in Issue 13, you might recall.) He’ll be Howler’s new editor. Aaron will be Howler’s publisher. They get it. They’re our kind of people. You’re in good hands.

Even so, I am sure they will make mistakes, just like I did. Sometimes people become upset when you get something wrong, or take a joke too far, or publish a photo of Shep Messing’s junk. But I say that if you don’t take some risks in the process of making a magazine, you’ve got yourself a boring magazine. (Then again, I’m the guy who purchased an old copy of Viva: The International Magazine For Women on eBay so we could scan said photo of Shep Messing’s junk. Risk tolerances may vary.)

Dennie and Aaron will need your help. Convince one friend to subscribe. Don’t let your own subscription lapse. Surprise someone you love by sending them a copy. Print mags are fragile things. If you want Howler to be around for six more years, there are things you can do.

I’m thankful for all my friendships that have come out of the mag. I’m grateful that so many sharp and informed and curious and open-minded readers found Howler worthy of their attention. I am still astounded we published a few stories that shook you out of your life long enough to send us a note about it.

My god, I just read this back and it’s like someone’s dying. Nobody’s dying! Howler lives!

So keep reading. Keep kicking. Keep making trouble. And keep believing that we. will. win… even as I whisper this little secret: if you’ve been with us these last six years, you know that we already have.


PS: I know you’re here for Howler, but if you want to know what’s next for me, check this spot tomorrow.

Oh yeah—the next issue. Dennie and Aaron will be in touch about the timing of that soon. I can’t wait to get my copy, either.

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