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Seeking Soccer’s Nostradamus

July 13, 2014

Someone called the Landon snub and even (almost) Luis Suarez’s bite

By Kyle Rogers | Photo by NASA

[T]he 2014 World Cup has been a riveting event from start to finish. Predictions have been flying around Knoda, the prediction-tracking app of which I’m a co-founder, since well before the first game kicked off.

With the final match just around the corner, let’s take a look at some awesome and awful World Cup predictions so far. At least one fan wasn’t too surprised by Luis Suarez going all “True Blood” on an opponent once again.

CD9 hit the nail on the head with this one, much to the dismay of so many U.S.A. soccer fans.

Wow. Missed this one by just one game. Everyone thought it was a big joke at the time.

No word on whether this Graham Zusi fan threw up celebrating a game-winning assist instead.

This couldn’t have been more wrong. SMH.

It took just over 20 minutes for this dream to die a painful, painful death.

The U.S. team rewarded their optimistic fan base.

It will be tough to top sky-high U.S.A. match ratings, but this intriguing final just might do it.

We’ll wrap it up with a final game prediction.

Kyle Rogers is co-founder and CEO of Knoda





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