2014 World Cup

Brazil celebrates one-year anniversary of absolutely nothing happening

All of Brazil is celebrating the one-year anniversary of a day in which absolutely nothing happened within its borders. According to remaining documents and government records that weren’t lost in synchronized and totally accidental fires, July 8, 2014 was the only day in the nation’s history where there was no crime, no one was upset, …

Seeking Soccer’s Nostradamus

Someone called the Landon snub and even (almost) Luis Suarez’s bite By Kyle Rogers | Photo by NASA [T]he 2014 World Cup has been a riveting event from start to finish. Predictions have been flying around Knoda, the prediction-tracking app of which I’m a co-founder, since well before the first game kicked off. With the final …

WC Crash Course: South Korea

By Jacob Coached by a national hero, South Korea looks to advance on a third different continent. Also, there’s a South Korean Peter Crouch. South Korea See more installments of our World Cup Crash Course collaboration with KickTV here.