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Pele learns how to play FIFA 14, finds it hilarious

December 11, 2014


Santos TV had the brilliant idea of sitting down club legends Pele, who is 74 years old, and Coutinho, who is 71, and having play FIFA 14 against each other. This was brilliant because neither of them had any idea how to play the game.

Their attempt to play Santos v Santos (naturally) was as adorably horrible as you might assume two old men trying to play a video game for the first time might be. But they still seemed to enjoy the experience and their commentary for the match was better than anything you’ll get from Pewdiepie (you can turn on English subtitles if they don’t automatically appear).

This video gave me an idea, though. EA Sports needs to get Pele and Maradona to play FIFA 15 against each other and broadcast it live on the internet. It wold almost certainly end with one of them beating the other to death with an Xbox controller, but the world needs to see this happen.

Email, tweet, throw yourself at the feet of EA Sports executives — let’s do whatever it takes to make this dream a reality.

Video via Deadspin





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