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Watching the LA Galaxy’s beer soaked celebration will make you want to win an MLS Cup

December 12, 2014

The LA Galaxy have released footage of the dressing room celebration that followed their 2–1 extra-time win over the New England Revolution in the MLS Cup final and it is spectacular.

Having won the cup three times in the last four years, the Galaxy have mastered the post-game celebration and they make that clear in the video. It starts off with the players taking turns drinking out of the cup amidst a beer hurricane. Some of the players wear lab goggles to protect their eyes from the flying alcohol and when retiring Landon Donovan takes his turn, his teammates chant “one more year!”

With beer and victory coursing through their veins, the team then holds a dance-off, which is followed by defender Omar Gonzalez’s now traditional flashing. Then, for the grand finale, the players used the beer-slicked floor as a Slip ‘n Slide.

The whole thing is a cross between a frat party and some kind of alcoholic swim team practice. In other words, this video could become MLS’s best tool in recruiting major talent from around the world.

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