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Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s attempt to curse Inter kind of backfired

December 3, 2014


The wrath of Zlatan is not something you want to mess with, but sometimes there’s a hitch in its giddyup that produces unintended results.

As former Inter owner Massimo Moratti explains, Ibrahimovic attempted to saddle the club with his black magic as he left for his unhappy spell at Barcelona in 2009. Inter had won three consecutive Serie A titles with Zlatan, but the Swede attempted to end that success with one sentence.

From the Guardian:

The Serie A side were training in the United States when the news came through that Ibrahimovic was joining the Catalans. “He was getting on a plane to Barcelona to sign for Barça after the last training with the team and he said: ‘It has been nice playing with you but you won’t win anything without me,” Moratti told Corriere della Sera on Wednesday.

Moratti points out that “it did not turn out that way,” since Inter beat Zlatan’s new team on the way to becoming the first Italian club to win the treble that very season, with Samuel Eto’o arriving from Barca as part of the Zlatan deal and Jose Mourinho annoying everyone in Europe. Inter then won the Coppa Italia the following season, but since then! Since then Zlatan has been exactly right and Inter have been a shambles in desperate need of his brilliance (and a lot of other things).

So beware the delayed, mixed up wrath of Zlatan. BEWARE!





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