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Arda Turan sings (terribly) on The Voice in Turkey

January 2, 2015


The winter break affords footballers the opportunity to do things away from the game for once. So Atletico Madrid’s Arda Turan went home to Turkey to try and make it as a singer (kind of) on The Voice.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the judges all start with their chairs turned away from the stage, then the contestant walks out and sings. If the judges like what they hear, they turn their chairs around to see the person singing and fill them with false hope that makes their inevitable failure to become the next Right Said Fred.

So when Turan came out, he was given a rousing ovation that piqued that judges interest. And even though his singing sounded like a labrador trying to cough up a cigarette factory, the judges still turned their chairs around just to see who the presumably special guest was.

From there, everyone had a bit of fun, but the lesson of the day is that Arda Turan probably isn’t going to leave Atletico to become the next Dion Dublin anytime soon.

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