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FA Cup darlings Blyth Spartans have a wonderful fine list

January 3, 2015


Seventh tier Blyth Sparans embodied the much talked about Magic of the FA Cup by reaching the third round of the FA Cup to face second tier Birmingham and taking a 2–0 lead into halftime. Though that all unraveled when Birmingham scored three goals in six minutes to win 3–2, Blyth have still won over the world (they count Barack Obama and Luis Figo amongst their 11,000 Twitter followers) with their day jobs and quaint fines.

Here’s the club’s list of fines. Note that not attending a team night out is somehow twice as bad as missing a match and urinating in the shower is a punishable offense, but pooping in it apparently is not.


Of course, football doesn’t pay the bills for the Blyth players, so to help them afford this interesting array of fines, they need day jobs.

And for Blyth captain Robbie Dale, who scored both of his side’s goals against Birmingham, there is only brief rest after reaching the lofty heights of the FA Cup third round.

From the PA:

Dale works at the Blacksmith’s pub in nearby Gosforth and revealed: “I am due to open up at half past eleven on Sunday morning.

“I asked the gaffer if I could do a shorter shift because I don’t know what mood I will be in today and after a couple of goals I am planning to have a good night.”

That sounds like someone is planning on incurring a £2 fine tonight.





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