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Standard Liege supporters welcome back their Judas, Steven Defour, with decapitation tifo

January 26, 2015


Belgium international Steven Defour spent five years with Standard Liege, serving as the club’s captain for all but his first season with the club. He then spent three seasons with Porto, but returned to his homeland this season with Anderlecht — Standard’s fiercest rivals.

This did not go over so hot with his old club’s supporters. So when Defour returned to the Maurice Dufrasne Stadium wearing the wrong colors, the fans greeted him with a giant banner featuring a Jason Vorhees type holding a blood splattered machete in one hand and Defour’s severed head in the other, along with the words “RED OR DEAD.” It was subtle, but the message seemed to be that Defour is now dead to them.

Understandably rattled by the image, Defour acted out by launching the ball into the stands after the referee had already blown his whistle during the second half. Having already been booked earlier in the match, this was enough to get Defour sent off as the ground erupted.

Standard went on to win 2–0 and though their supporters were likely pleased with themselves, the banner has had some powerful critics. From the BBC:

“It was disgusting and took place in front of children,” said Thibault De Gendt of the Belgian FA.

“We hope never to see this again.”

And for his part, Defour posted an apology on his Instagram account, saying “Apologies to my fans and team-mates at Anderlecht, although I do not understand the red card — you can not see or hear the referee.”

In his defense, it is difficult to see and hear when your head is being carried around by a homicidal maniac like a case of beer.





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