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This behind the scenes video of Fernando Torres’ Atletico unveiling is adorable

January 4, 2015

Following a great reception at the airport earlier in the week, more than 40,000 people turned up at the Vicente Calderon on Sunday to officially welcome Fernando Torres back to the club where his career began. The video above shows some of the emotions of the day. The hugs, the joy, the familial warmth, and the importance of not putting your hands in your mouth.

From Reuters:

“Away from the pitch a lot has happened since I moved. I am more mature and I am a happier person with a family,” Torres said at his presentation.

“On a sporting level I was very young and I had a very difficult decision but I knew I had to leave for me and for the club to grow. It was the hardest moment of my career but it has worked out as the club is now stronger and has won titles.

“For me I got the trophies that I wanted but there has always been something I lacked which was to win them here. I have a lot of motivation to win them here and hopefully I can do that with hard work.”

Jokes about Torres’ struggles with Chelsea and Milan aside, it’s things like this that show why it’s impossible not to root for him. Unless you’re a Liverpool fan who is really committed to holding a grudge, of course.






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