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Charlton Athletic offer their pitch as an expensive place to have sex

February 26, 2015


Clubs are always looking for new revenue streams and Championship side Charlton Athletic are no different. But to set themselves apart from the rest, Charlton now seem to be offering their pitch for all your late-night sex session needs.

On Thursday, a short clip made to look like security camera footage of a couple having sex (with the interesting area pixelated) in the center circle at The Valley was “leaked” online and the club told media outlets eager to play along that they were “investigating” the incident.

Hours later, the club released the full version of the video, which was actually just an advertisement that they produced, offering the pitch for hire in May. Prices start at £1,750, but it’s unclear whether that’s for a five-minute interval or the full hour.

This is nothing compared to Spanish club Getafe producing a full, uncensored hardcore porn video to encourage fans to donate to a sperm bank a few years ago, though.

One person who might be interested in Charlton’s offer is Croatian model Nives Celsius, who had 15 seconds of international fame when she said that her now ex-husband, former Dino Zagreb defender Dino Drpic, once arranged for them to do exactly what was depicted in the Charlton ad at the Maksimir Stadium.





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