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Everything you need to know about Man United loan signing Andy Kellett

February 3, 2015


Manchester United completed the shock deadline-day signing of 21-year-old defender Andy Kellett on loan from Bolton, prompting the world to ask, “Who is Andy Kellett and why does Man United executive Ed Woodward insist on doing all of his drugs during the transfer window?” We may never know the answer to the second part of that question, but we do have some information to help clear up the first part.

-Kellett made 12 appearances for Plymouth Argyle earlier this season while on loan with the League Two side. While he was there, he scored his first (and only) professional goal in a manner that would make Lionel Messi jealous.


-Argyle were quite certain that they would get him back, too. From the Guardian:

“If he’s not going to play at Bolton, there is only one club he wants to go to and that’s Plymouth,”the Argyle manager, John Sheridan, told the Plymouth Herald last week. “I have spoken to him and he has told me that.”

It’s almost as if Sheridan didn’t expect Man United to swoop in and take a player from under the nose of a fourth division club.

-But Kellett didn’t believe it, either. Bolton manager Neil Lennon explains (via The Mirror):

“He thought he was going to Plymouth and I said, ‘sorry Andy, you’re not going to Plymouth — you’re going to Man United,” said the Bolton boss.

“He surprised to say the least. He rang his dad, who had to sit down for a while to take it all in.”

None of that clarifies whether he was actually happy about going to Man United instead of Plymouth, though. Him and his family could really love Plymouth.

A few other fun facts about him:

-He is commonly known as the “Mats Hummels of People Named Andy Kellett.”

-He was only brought in by Man United to serve as a hair donor to Wayne Rooney.

-He is almost certainly a fictional character that doesn’t actually exist.





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