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Harry Redknapp thinks England should “give up” if they don’t win Euro 2016

February 20, 2015


Former QPR manager Harry Redknapp has decided that if England don’t win Euro 2016, they should just “give up.” The man who would’ve accepted the England job if it was offered to him made this proclamation on talkSPORT, but first he was asked about the last World Cup.

“I don’t know if I could have done any better,” Redknapp said of England’s winless, bottom of the group showing in Brazil. “But I couldn’t have done any worse.”

With that established, Harry was asked to look ahead. And he started out with a reasonable statement, though.

From talkSPORT:

“England has got three or four young players emerging now in time for Euro 2016. Roy [Hodgson] will have a team that can really compete.

“I would be disappointed if we don’t at least get to the semi-finals and then I could see us having a real go at winning it.”

But then he got himself all worked up:

“[Raheem] Sterling is a fantastic talent, [Daniel] Sturridge, [Harry] Kane, and [Ross]Barkley who is a fantastic player in my opinion, a real talent. He is a player I would like to see push on now.

“We’re full of good full-backs. Kyle Walker has got fit now. The boy Nathanial Clyne has pace at full-back and I can see Danny Rose pushing into the squad.

“There are some really talented players and Roy’s squad for the Euro’s is going to the best we’ve had for some time.

“If we don’t win the Euro’s we ought to give up because it’s the best opportunity we’re going to have. It’s a really good group at the moment.”

Whether he means that England should stop playing football all together or just have everyone move to France is unclear. But, either way, it’s not surprising. This is, after all, a guy who quit his last job — one he could theoretically do from an adjustable bed set up beside the pitch — because his knees hurt.

So the pressure is on for England next year. If they perform the way they did at the World Cup, the idea of giving up might not sound so bad, though.





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