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Non-league Goalkeeper jumps into the stands to fight fans

February 24, 2015


Kongstonian lost 2–1 to visiting Bognor Regis Town in the Ryman Premier League (the seventh tier of English football) and after the match, the home side’s goalkeeper, Rob Tolfrey, decided to jump into the stands to take out his frustrations on the Bognor supporters.

He scuffled with a few of the fans until a group of players and staff ran over to break them apart. Later, as the two teams headed towards the dressing rooms, the players squared up to each other while some of Tolfrey’s teammates kept him restrained at the other end of the pitch.

The police were called in, but according to the Daily Mail, it’s still unclear what prompted Tolfrey to go into the stands in the first place. Other than the fact that he is a goalkeeper.

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