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PSG’s Chelsea jokes backfire. Again.

February 14, 2015


PSG have been able to buy a lot of things, but successful banter apparently isn’t one of them. Up 2–0 in the 87th minute of their Ligue 1 match against Caen, the club’s official English language Twitter account decided to prod upcoming Champions League opponents Chelsea with a reference to parking the bus.

The only problem was that they apparently forgot to engage the parking brake and Caen scored twice in the final three minutes to earn a 2–2 draw. Needless to say, the Twitter giggles came to an abrupt halt.

This isn’t the first time PSG have been jinxed by their own tweet, though. When PSG took a 3–1 lead against Chelsea after the first leg of their Champions League meeting last season, they reveled in their confidence with a jab at Chelsea’s traveling support.

Chelsea went on to win the second leg 2–0 and advanced to the semifinals on away goals, leaving PSG to be roundly mocked for their ill-advised Twitter hubris.

But it’s not just the club’s social media operator tempting fate this way anymore. During his Friday press conference manager Laurent Blanc said (via The Mirror):

“Chelsea? Jose Mourinho is a genius — he lost a cup game 4–2 and has given himself a week to prepare for our Champions League encounter.

“Imagine the tsunami it would be have been had we lost the same kind of game. We’d have said the Paris coach still didn’t get it. That’s how it is.”

And that’s probably exactly what they’re saying after the Caen result. Pro-tip to PSG: Just don’t talk.

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